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Frequently Asked Questions

1) I am considering renting an inflatable/moonwalk. What questions should I ask the party rental company? How large is the inflatable? How many kids will it hold?

In Birmingham Alabama the most common industrial moonwalk sizes are 13’ X 13’ and 15’ X 15’. These are ideal sizes for most parties. This question should also be asked to determine if you have enough room in your yard for an inflatable.

2) Are your moonwalks industrial rental quality? What kind of material are your inflatable made of?

Industrial rental inflatables are made out of 15 oz. vinyl which is fire resistant and super durable.

3) I am considering purchasing a moonwalk from Toys R Us. It only costs around $300 dollars. I can use it every year for my children’s parties. Is this a good idea?

Not likely. These units are made out of nylon. The same stuff used to make jogging pants (even thinner). Most of these units only hold about 4 kids. They are  designed for personal use only. This means your kids/family ONLY. These  inflatables are designed for very small kids. If you plan to invite kids around age of 9 or  10 this option goes out the window. These unit do not last. They are VERY thin and tear very easily when moving or storing.  If you are having a party with 3 or 4  kids this may be a good option. You can even get a few jumps out of it for the next few months. But these things do not last.

4) I am considering going to one of those party room places like “Pump It Up” in Birmingham, Pelham or Trussville Alabama. Places like “Pump It Up” are a good option if you have a party that occurs during extreme weather conditions. Unfortunately these places put you on a strict time schedule. You must be in and out of the party room at precise times. So if you are running a little late then tough…… You also have to sacrifice fresh air and the option for water play which is popular in Birmingham, Shelby County and Hoover Alabama. With that said this becomes a matter of personal choice. Indoor party rooms (Like Pump It Up) can offer a little more convenience. Having a party at home and renting an inflatable from Affordable Jump (at a low cost) offers a personal feel and a more inexpensive option. 

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