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Home or Party Room

Deciding Between having a party at home or going to chucky cheese or Pump It up


Birmingham, Alabama offers several options. I am considering going to one of those party room places like “Pump It Up” or "Chuchy Cheese" in Birmingham, Pelham or Trussville Alabama. Places like “Pump It Up” are a good option if you have a party that occurs during extreme weather conditions. Unfortunately these places put you on a strict time schedule. You must be in and out of the party room at precise times. So if you are running a little late then tough…… Chucky Cheese is way too over crowded and priced. You also have to sacrifice fresh air and the option for water play which is popular in Birmingham, Shelby County and Hoover Alabama. With that said this becomes a matter of personal choice. Indoor party rooms can offer a little more convenience. Having a party at home and renting an inflatable from Affordable Jump (at a low cost) offers a personal feel and a more inexpensive option.  If you are thrifty you can have a home party for a dozen kids with a moonwalk, cake, hotdogs, chips, and soda for under $150 bucks. Try to beat that at an indoor party place.

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